Let’s face it, competing in today’s global marketplace is brutal. Whether you’re in the industrial world or in a developing nation, your survival depends on your ability to deliver value to your customers—on target, no mistakes, no excuses. At BEAN, we specialize in helping you build the muscle and stamina needed to accomplish your goals and beat the competition. Our services include:

Lean Six Sigma and Quality Improvement training, consulting, and staffing

Lean organizations create value for their customers with incredible agility, precision, efficiency, resulting in drastically improved cycle times, quality, productivity, and profitability. Contact BEAN today to find out how we can help you implement LSS.

Performance Excellence Assessment and Deployment

BEAN consultants have extensive experience deploying validated and widely-accepted models—Baldrige, Shingo price, ITIL, & CMMI—for radically transforming the performance of organizations, businesses, and governments. Contact us for more information.

Best Practices Benchmarking

How effective are your strategies, operations, and processes compared to your peers and best-in-class organizations? We wrote the book on benchmarking! Contact us today for help on how to not only identify and target a benchmark partner, but also implement the necessary changes to leap-frog your competition.
Business Analytics & Intelligence: Fact-based management takes the guess-work out of decision-making, drastically improving your organization’s chance of success. BEAN’s consultants have the expertise that your organization needs to develop integrated metrics for your business, mine the necessary data, and perform the statistical modeling needed to ensure that your critical decisions are made intelligently.

Knowledge Management and Transfer

To drive innovation, shorter product development cycle times, and organizational know-how, our consultants are best equipped to help you develop the right strategy, process, and measurements to systematically capture, reuse, and transfer your organization’s intangible assets and “lessons learned.”

Quality Management System (QMS) Design, Deployment, and Auditing

Do you need to expand your customer base? Demonstrate your company’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements today. Contact BEAN today for help with training and certification for several Quality Management Systems (QMS), including ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Quality Medical Device, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, ISO 90003 Software Quality Management Systems, ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems, NFPA 1600 2007 Business Continuity Management Systems, and TL9000 for telecom.

Customer Relationship Management

Understanding the value and behavior of your customers gives you a leg up in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. BEAN consultants can help you gather the customer, sales, and marketing information that you need to build a strong relationship with your customers. Contact us today for more information.

Workforce Engagement System Development

Accelerate innovation at your organization by effectively engaging your workforce and unleashing their emotional and intellectual potential. Contact us today for help on designing a training program for your employees; developing career paths, recognition and reward systems; and ensuring equal opportunity, fair treatment, and a family-friendly environment.

Supply Chain Management Development and Optimization

As the market for products and services becomes globally networked, cutting-edge organizations are realizing the criticality of strategically leveraging the supply chain as a primary competitive tool for driving product and service innovation, building stronger relationships with suppliers and partners, and decelerating total cost and risk. BEAN consultants have the experience to help you design, build, and optimize your supply chain to give your organization or business the crucial edge it needs to succeed in today’s marketplace. Call us today to find out how.